Joy Lanceta Coronel

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Teaching Statement:

“My philosophy is that no one approach can benefit a student, and so I tailor my practice to suit the individuals within my classroom. Together with my training from Central School of Speech in London, I combine various approaches from Knight-Thompson Speechwork, Rocco Dal Vera, Cicely Berry, and Barbara Houseman, among many others. I believe that speech is holistic and physical, and so should be the approach to speech work itself.

“In Speech I, I impress the importance of deep listening and guide students to physically explore the range of vowel and consonant sounds. It is important that I acknowledge and embrace each students’ idiolect and speech habits, regardless of their linguistic background. I also expect that they explore and produce vowels and consonants outside their own sound system. For my Core students, I emphasize that actors communicate and express themselves with their body, their voice, and their words, and that in Speech class, our goal is to re-discover the potency of language, text work, and embodied speech.

“I believe that speech is personal and that it can beautifully reveal our background, our influences, our feelings, and our thoughts. Therefore, I pledge to value what makes each person in the classroom different and recognize that each individual will bring different perspectives, ideas, knowledge, abilities, and culture and that these differences are what bring great strength to the class. I ask that my students pledge the same.”


Joy Coronel is a voice and speech coach who holds an MFA in Voice Studies from  Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. Joy has served as voice and speech faculty at American Academy of Dramatic Arts – NY Campus, University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music (CCM), College of Staten Island-CUNY, and internationally at University of Essex East 15 Acting School, Trinity Laban Conservatoire and St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College in England.

Joy currently serves as Chair of the Diversity Committee for the Voice and Speech Trainers Association . She has coached with Atlantic Theatre Co., Center Theatre Group, New Dramatists, Comedy Central, National Asian Artist Project, Ma-Yi Theatre, and Attic Theatre Company. Her article “Coaching Asian Actors and Asian Accents with Cultural Sensitivity” was published in the Voice and Speech Review (VSR) journal in early 2018.