Blum: Advanced Acting with the Camera

Presented by: Mark Blum

This advanced scene study track is geared to the particular circumstances of working with the camera and assumes you are already well grounded in acting technique, text analysis, and contemporary scene work. The class will address the adjustment you must make to the intimacy and immediacy of film, so you become accustomed to doing your best detailed, honest, layered work under the watchful eye of the lens. You learn to manage the tough realities of the film or television job, developing strategies for applying your own technique to the demands of the set. We consider angles, lenses, distances, continuity, and your relationship to the composition of the scene. You learn to work more quickly and more intimately; to prepare effectively for a performance situation in which it is little or no rehearsal and scenes often occur out of sequence. You learn to respect and understand the financial, technical, and time considerations that govern film production, and cultivate the absolute discipline required to meet them. In this advanced course, we’ll enter the process of working with a director, exploring different approaches you may encounter on set. You will be asked both to do exercises on camera, and to prepare scenes, using provided text.

*Please review registration prerequisites before enrolling. All continuing students currently at level 1 must be placed by audition or an online submission.