Voice Over Auditioning

Presented by: Theresa Buchheister & Ryan William Downey

To be held online over Zoom: 

A Voice Over workshop lead by Voice Over director Theresa Buchheister and voice actor Ryan William Downey. Theresa has directed hundreds of audiobooks, cartoons and video games, including Cartoon Network’s POKÉMON XYZ, Nickelodeon’s THE WINX CLUB, CBBC’s BOY GIRL DOG CAT MOUSE CHEESE, and David Byrne’s audiobook HOW MUSIC WORKS. As a performer, Theresa has narrated countless audiobooks and textbooks, and has voiced cartoon characters on POKÉMON, THE WINX CLUB, MILLY, and many more. Voice actor Ryan William Downey has been heard on podcasts, audiobooks, in many plays and, most notably, on Pokémon film and television series playing a variety of characters.

Online Teaching Statement from Theresa Buchheister and Ryan W. Downey: “The voice over landscape is always changing! While we are in a moment of great change, we can adapt, learn, and apply tried and true techniques to performance, professionalism, and pursuit. In our online workshops over Zoom, we will cover cover the essential basics, build on those basics with practices and techniques, work out our muscles on audition material, and delve into home studio set-ups. Voice over performance is unique and expansive. And more vital than ever.”

Over the course of this five-session workshop, Theresa and Ryan will introduce you to three areas of Voice Over acting: cartoon/videogame, audiobook, and commercial. Then, with pre-selected material, they will lead you through audition simulations in each category, providing direction, feedback and areas in which you can practice and improve your skills. You will be sent home with vocal homework and material to practice, and you will have the opportunity to perform an in-class expanded audition. You will present your copy, receive quick and specific direction, followed by notes and critique. If time allows, further topics will be explored just as text analysis and demo reels.

This workshop is open to those with VO experience looking to sharpen and expand their audition and performance skills, as well as to performers who are new to VO looking for an introduction to the craft.

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