Refunds, Withdrawals, Transfers & Credits Policy

For Studio Classes there are no refunds, credits, withdrawals, or transfers as of the first day of class for which you are registered. The Studio will approve and process requests for refunds, credits, withdrawals, and transfers only through the DAY BEFORE your first day of class (24 hours before the first class). A $27 administration fee will apply to all withdrawals and transfers made at any point after your initial registration, for each course from which you withdraw or transfer. Schedule changes must be made by emailing We do not allow transfers from one term to another, later term. Refunds, when approved by the HB Administration, will be credited or issued within 15-30 days after the final confirmation notification is sent.

You must meet the prerequisites for any class or workshop before you register. Upper-Level classes require faculty placement or audition, and certain workshops and classes require an application. You will be dropped from a course if you register without meeting the prerequisites, and a $27 administration fee will apply.

Programs under The Hagen Institute, Workshops, and Special Programs may have separate policies regarding refunds and/or withdrawals. These policies will be indicated within each program’s enrollment details.


A student may withdraw after the first class for (1) serious illness or (2) military service. To submit a request to the Student Affairs Committee –email: The committee meets once a week to review requests. You must include a medical certificate in the case of illness or induction papers in the case of military service. Written documentation must be received within three weeks of your withdrawal. Specify in your letter the date of the last class attended. Otherwise, consideration for withdrawal will be retroactive only to the date that the Studio receives your request letter. All decisions of the Student Affairs Committee are final. Approved withdrawals are subject to a $27 administrative fee for each course from which you withdraw.


An instructor may determine that the level or format of a class is not appropriate for a particular student. The instructor may then request, at his or her discretion, that the student withdraws from the class as a “scholastic drop.” In such a case, the student will receive a refund for the remaining classes or may transfer to another class or level. Instructors may also determine whether or not a student should continue in a class from term to term.


Transfers requested prior to the first day of class may be made to, with no approval necessary (a $27 fee will apply). As of the first day of class, students with an unforeseen conflict may request a transfer to another class at the same level and department as long as there is available space in the class. Transfers after the first class are granted at the discretion of the Student Affairs Committee by writing to Transfers are not allowed past the third week of the term. A fee of $27 will apply for each course transfer made at any point after your initial registration.


School Account Credits expire one year from the date in which they are issued and may be applied to another class, workshop, audit(s) or auditions, registration fees, space rentals, or merchandise. School Account Credits can not be used to purchase gift certificates.