Student & Alumni News

Student & Alumni News


Jeffrey Adam Baxt writes and performs in his first podcast, GRIM TALES FROM THE JOB FOREST, which features original fictional stories about the “dark side” of the job market.

Bill Corry and faculty member, John Bowen, performs in A MUSICAL ROMP WITH NOEL AND COLE at St. Ann and The Holy Trinity on June 17.

Andrew Heinze‘s full-length comedy THE RIMSKY-FOGELMAN was honored as a Finalist for the 2023 Todd McNerney Playwriting Award (College of Charleston). His full-length play SHYLOCK THE FIRST was honored (retroactively due to Covid) as a Finalist for the 2021 Todd McNerney Playwriting Award (College of Charleston).

Nancy Redman performs her solo play A SÉANCE WITH MOM, directed by Austin Pendleton at Chain Studio Theatre. Runs May 24 –June 4.

Lorna Courtney is nominated for a Tony for Lead Actress in a Musical in & JULIET!

Katharine Cullison co-stars as Carl’s Mom in HBO’s FANTASMAS, written/directed by Julio Torres.

John L Payne co-stars as Whelan’s Father in NBC’s LAW AND ORDER ORGANIZED CRIME, EPISODE 323.

Ginger Grace appears in her interactive performance piece THE FIRST LADIES COALITION, directed by Austin Pendleton at the Mahopac Library Performance Space, Mahopac, NY, May 13th.

George Pappas performs as Robert Moses in WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING at Morningside Players. Runs May 16–21.

Lluvia Almanza performs in a reading of SAVE ME, TOÑO ROBENS! by Denisse Mendoza at The Vino Theatre. Directed by Orlando Rodriguez and features Camilo Ramirez, Raquel Gomez, Klarissa Robles. Runs May 15–20.

Gwendolyn Phair‘s play 16,000 PSI is playing at Teatro Latea, featuring Gwendolyn Phair, Gavin McDonough, Charles Dinstuhl. Runs May 15–21. The story focuses on several women as they navigate through the inherent pressures in, family dynamics, sexual politics, addiction, ambition, regrets, and redemption.

Steven J. Harris‘s play THE DEVIL AND THE PLAYWRIGHT is performing at Theater for the New City, Community Space Theater Apr 26–30. The cast features: Sarah Hupper, Ellis Hoffmeister, Flo Maier.

Nick Thomas performs in THE BRUTES at the Player’s Club. Two night run, Apr 19 & 20.

James Meneses is producing MUSE at The Tank Theater, featuring Reanna Armellino, Robert Hickey, Anne Fizzard, and directed by HB Alumni Hazen Cuyler. Runs Apr 16–30.

Adele Batchelder performs in KNOCK KNOCK at LATEA Theater. Runs Apr 24–30.

Richard Lear is understudying the male roles in GOD OF CARNAGE at  Theater Breaking Through Barriers. Runs Apr 18–May 20.

Nancy Redman performs in her play A SÉANCE WITH MOM, directed by Austin Pendleton at Chain Studio Theatre. Runs Apr 20–23.

Ellis Vizcarra is featured in a CRICKET WIRELESS NATIONAL COMMERCIAL CAMPAIGN in Spanish.

Anne Fizzard performs in MUSE at The Tank. Runs Apr 16–30.

Ginger Grace plays Emily Dickinson in her interactive performance piece, EMILY DICKINSON! HER POETRY & HER LIFE! at Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, the Kimberly Clark Theater, Apr 18.

Youlim Nam performs in a reading of her play, A CONNECTED PLACE, at The Dramatists Guild’s Mary Rogers Room. Directed by Three-time Emmy Award-Winning Actress Cady McClain, and featuring alongside, Tom Ryan and Allegra Venturi.

Suzy Brack performs in Amy Crider’s play HEALER with Chicago’s Ubiquitous Players on April 15, 2023.

Ellis Vizcarra co-stars in WU-TANG, Season 3, Episode 5 on Hulu.

Sandra V. Weldon performs in SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT at Don’t Tell Mama on Mar 16.

Debra Lass performs in  THE “N” TRIAL at TADA! Theater (15 W. 28th St., 2nd Fl) on Mar 18. The N Trial is America’s efforts to grapple with social intolerance and politically inspired violence in the year 2023 result in the arrest of a young black man, pursuant to a newly enacted “Hate Speech” law and his trial for “provocative and malicious use” of one of the most offensive words in the English language.

Ginger Grace appears in her interactive performance piece THE FIRST LADIES COALITION, directed by Austin Pendleton at libraries throughout New York, Mar 5–May 14.

Ginger Grace and Charles Black appear in Alisa Matlovsky’s 474 DAYS at La Mama, Mar 12.

Micaela Presa Patten is filming a tv series/soap opera, SOLAMENTE MILAGROS, in Peru. The show is set air this July.

Andrew Heinze‘s full-length comedy THE RIMSKY-FOGELMAN has been named a Semi-Finalist for the 2023 O’Neill National Playwrights Conference. Also, his full-length play LEONARDO’S VIRGIN will be excerpted in THE BEST MEN’S STAGE MONOLOGUES, 2023 (Smith & Kraus).

Xavier Reyes performs in CLYDE’S at George Street Playhouse. Runs Feb 1–19.

Lluvia Almanza performs in PROUD at 14th Street Y. Runs Feb 10–26.

Charly Wenzel is directing two one-acts for the Queens One Act Festival at the Secret Theatre. Her play, BY YOUR SIDE, featuring Nya Yeanafehn and Steven J.Harris runs in Program C. WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND featuring Steven J. Harris runs in Program F.

Adele Batchelder performs in A DELICATE BALANCE at ActorsNET of Bucks County. Runs Jan 27–Feb 12.

Robert James Hickey performs in MUSE by award-winning Playwright, Frank Tangredi at The Tank. Runs Apr 16–30.

Connie Kirk performs in the reading of THAT SATURDAY THING at Stomping Grounds Arthouse on Jan 21.

Nicholas Thomas performs in spit&vigor’s BLOOD COUNTESS at The Players Theatre runs Jan 5–Feb 6. A gory, high-energy dark comedy about alleged serial killer Elizabeth Bathory. Countess Elizabeth Bathory was alleged to have killed between 60-600 of her servants and bathed in her blood. She was tried and punished for her crimes. The rest we must suppose.

Adele Batchelder performs in a reading of her own play FROM UTERUS: a fundraiser for NJ Abortion Access Fun at Morristown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. in New Jersey on Jan 15.

JNK Enzo directs, choreographs, and performs in WORDS OF THE PROPHET at Cell Theatre. The show will run the weekend of Apr 21-23.

Erich Rausch is performing in A GOOD DAY (Actors Temple, Nov/Dec), XIMER.LIVE (American Theatre of Actors, Oct/Dec), ARI-O (Actors Temple, Feb 19 & 20), THE AMERICANS (La MaMa, Nov 19 & 20), THE CLOWNS in Maryland & Illinois (Nov 19–Jan 20),  RUSSIAN/UKRAINIAN CONCERTS (Virtual, Jan 4–11), and  RUSSIAN RESISTANCE: FINAL EPISODE SEASON ONE (Podcast, Oct 1–Feb 1).

Suzy Brack performs in Richard Lyons Conlon’s play MONSTER OF FINE ARTS with Chicago’s Ubiquitous Players on Jan 7.

Georgia Buchanan plays the Manager in OFFAL ENDINGS at Studio Theatre, Theatre Row. Runs Jan 12–29.

Ginou ‘Gigi’ Gilles performs in COLOR HIM SON.

Johanna Griesé is featured as a co-star in Showtime’s ZIWE.

Adele Batchelder performs in the A DELICATE BALANCE at ActorsNET of Bucks County. Runs Jan 27–Feb 12.

J.B. Alexander‘s play @VANEK.CZ has been nominated for three awards at the NYTF: Best Production, Best Actress (Marcie Henderson), Best Actor (Alexander Chilton).

Katherine O’Sullivan performs in a virtual reading of SEX. Cast lineup includes: Aaron Alexander, Susan Case, Beth Griffith, Laura Kaye, Roger Lipson, Laurel Lockhart, Eric R. Moreland, Jim Mullins, Ken Raboy, Mary Sheridan. Continue reading →