Acting Studies for International Students

HB Studio is currently offering in person classes for International Students under an F-1 Visa, allowing new and initial international students to take a full time program at HB Studio. HB Studio offers International Students three options for study: The Hagen Core Training and The Hagen Summer Intensive, each offering an intensive, prescribed curriculum; or, for those who prefer a more flexible option, design your own full-time International Studio Class Program (more information below) from the Studio’s weekly classes.

Application Deadlines:

  • The Hagen Core TrainingApplications are considered on a rolling basis.
  • The Hagen Summer IntensiveApplications are considered on a rolling basis.
  • International Studio Class Program – Apply by February 15, 2025 for the Summer Term 2025 ( June 12 –  August 22, 2025)
    • Transfer students may apply by February 15, 2025 for the Spring Term 2025 (March 24 – June 2, 2025)
    • Contact for more information.

International Students at HB Studio

Theater artists travel worldwide to train, practice, and study acting at HB Studio. The International Student Program is an essential piece of what HB has to offer, and we are proud to be the working home of so many actors from around the globe.

HB Studio is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant noncitizen students. HB Studio will consider applications from individuals, generally with substantial theater training, who wish to pursue a full course of study, and who meet both Federal and HB Studio requirements.

F-1 Visa

HB Studio has welcomed international F-1 visa students since 1967. Applicants must possess verbal and written fluency in English and must commit to a full-time program of study, which the Studio defines as a minimum of seven classes per week or enrollment in the Hagen Core or Hagen Summer Intensive.

For country-by-country updates regarding Covid-19 travel and visa restrictions and US Visa News, please view HB’s info from American Embassies around the world.

International Studio Class Program

Students interested in designing their own course of study may participate in the International Studio Class Program for up to two years and for a minimum of one term (10 weeks). Please see F-1 Visas & Program Policies for more information and a breakdown of tuition and fees.

The International Studio Class Program is an in-person program.

Within parameters, as part of the International Studio Class Program, you may organize your own full-time program drawing from a broad range of Studio classes. Selections from Acting, Speech, Speaking Voice, and Movement classes are required. Upon assessment, F-1 students who are not native English speakers may also be advised to take Acting in English and to supplement their Studio program with outside English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.

Those international students who prefer a more intensive, prescribed curriculum are encouraged to apply for one of The Uta Hagen Institute’s programs: The Hagen Summer Intensive or the three-term Hagen Core Training.

Please submit a complete application package in order to be considered for enrollment.  HB Studio accepts applications via an online application or received via postal mail. Full details are available on our How to Apply for F-1 Status section.