Singing Voice 1

HB Studio offers both online classes and in-person classes at the Studio. Before your first class, please review the information outlined on the relevant page(s). Class titles below indicate which are running online vs. in person.

  • IN-PERSON CLASSES meet for the full 10-week term.
  • ONLINE CLASSES are offered in 5-week Parts. Sign up for either Part A or Part B independently (5 weeks each), or join both for the full 10-week term. You may join Part B without taking Part A.

Singing and the ability to use the voice as an expressive instrument are an essential part of your skill set as an actor. Most actors will be called upon to sing at some point, regardless of whether your interests and talents run to musical theater. The study and practice of singing enhances your sense of musical form, pitch, rhythm, and language, and brings greater freedom, range and timbre to the speaking voice. Level 1 Singing is open to all — from total beginners to those who want to reinforce basic technique or strengthen your vocal instrument. The focus is on freeing, developing and strengthening the voice. Exercises emphasize relaxation and the most effective use of breath, an even use of the voice throughout the range, and awareness of how the entire body contributes to the production of sound. Level 1 will incorporate group and individual exercises, and work on songs of different genres. [Accompanist provided.]

When choosing a class, please refer to instructors’ teaching statements and bios, found on the faculty page, for greater detail about their approach to meeting the course goals. Every instructor brings their own methods and experience and teaching styles vary. You are encouraged to read about and audit the classes of each instructor to find the right fit for you:

Martha Bernard | John Bowen

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