Acting Auditions & Prerequisites

New to HB Studio?

Acting auditions are held online over Zoom before a panel of faculty who assess each actor’s skills and make the best placement within HB Studio’s progression of offerings. You will then be invited to choose from a menu of classes at the level you’ve been assigned.

Auditions are only required for those seeking classes above our Level 1 offerings.  Level 1 classes are available for registration without an audition. For more information on HB Studio’s Classes and Level progression, visit Choosing a Course of Study.

Upcoming audition dates and times are listed below. All auditions are held online over Zoom. To sign up for an audition, select the Sign Up button and fill out the form. Registration includes a one time $15.00 non-refundable fee. The audition is not transferable. Once you fill out the form, you will be sent the Zoom link with instructions for joining the online audition.

Sign Up to Audition

For your audition, please prepare the following:

  • Two contrasting contemporary monologues, 3 minutes each
  • A brief a cappella song or portion of a song. This is not a test of your singing ability, but of your range as a performer.
  • A headshot and current resume

Working professionals may submit a resume and work sample in lieu of an audition using the submission form below:

Submission Form

Auditions are also required for The Hagen Core Training and The Hagen Summer Intensive, and are held separately. Visit the Hagen Institute pages for details.

Playwrights new to HB seeking to study at an advanced level are asked to submit a full-length play for consideration. A $15 fee applies.

Advanced workshops and other special programs generally require an online submission. Details are in the class description.