The HB Studio facilities are comprised of three buildings in the heart of Greenwich Village New York City. Classroom spaces are located in 120 and 122 Bank Street and our Theater and performance space is at 124 Bank Street.


HB is committed to providing access to its programs to individuals with disabilities. HB’s first-floor studio-theater and the Playwrights Foundation Theatre are accessible spaces and include restroom facilities. Other studios present obstacles for individuals who use a wheelchair for mobility. We will, wherever possible, adjust schedules and spaces to allow participation, or advise on class alternatives. Sign language interpretation is available upon request for programs. If you are a person living with a disability that requires special accommodation, please email registration@hbstudio.org or call Edith Meeks at 212-675-2370 x. 22 to discuss about accessibility arrangements.

Cell Phones

Please respect our working environment and turn off all audible ringers on mobile telephones and beepers before entering the building. We would appreciate if you would also refrain from holding cell phone conversations in our hallways.


There are five studios in the main building at 120 Bank Street. The basement, 1st floor, and 2nd floor each have a large studio. The 3rd floor includes two classrooms known as the Speech Room and the Shack. HB also uses the 3rd-floor studio at 122 Bank Street for classes. Dressing room and bathroom facilities are located near each studio. There is an accessible bathroom on the 1st floor.

Studio Rental

Studio space is often available for rental to HB students during regular Studio hours for rehearsals in preparation for class. Students may NOT rehearse in empty classroom spaces without permission from Studio office staff. No studio rentals will be booked after regular class hours, nor are students permitted to remain on premises once staff have closed the buildings for the evening. For studio rental inquiries please contact scheduling@hbstudio.org.

Green Room Areas

The Green Room areas include the basement hallway and the 2nd- and 3rd-floor landings of 120 Bank Street. Please help us keep these areas clean, comfortable, and above all, quiet. Short of running lines quietly, these areas should NOT be used for scene rehearsals or mobile telephone calls. The Studio is not responsible for valuables or personal belongings left anywhere on the premises.

Bulletin Boards

Information on casting, current and upcoming shows, and related items may be posted on the bulletin board in the 2nd-floor corridor following approval by the office staff. Services such as headshot photography, job opportunities, apartments to let, and other miscellaneous notices may be placed on the basement bulletin board and do not require approval. The Studio staff clean this board monthly. Special events, new classes, workshops and notices for F-1 visa students are posted on the 2nd-floor bulletin board and on the 3rd floor outside the office. All other bulletin boards are reserved for announcements of upcoming HB performances, projects, and special events, sign-up lists for volunteer opportunities, etc. These are located on the 2nd floor, 120 Bank Street, on the landing between the 1st floor and basement, and on the ground floor of 122 Bank Street.