Singing Voice 2

HB Studio offers both online classes and in-person classes at the Studio. Before your first class, please review the information outlined on the relevant page(s). Class titles below indicate which are running online vs. in person.

  • IN-PERSON CLASSES meet for the full 10-week term.
  • ONLINE CLASSES are offered in 5-week Parts. Sign up for either Part A or Part B independently (5 weeks each), or join both for the full 10-week term. You may join Part B without taking Part A.

Singing Voice 2 is for you if you have some foundation in singing technique, having developed a connection of the voice to the breath, a practiced and heightened listening ability, a sense of phrasing and an ability to practice on your own. Class work will continue to develop singing technique and musicianship, with exercises to support the development of vocal control, flexibility and range. You will be asked to treat the song lyric as text not unlike that of a script, toward the goal of memorized presentation and interpretation of the song. [Accompanist provided.]


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