The Art of Transformation

Instructor: Janice Orlandi

Held in-person

A two-part movement course for actors. Sign up for either Part A or Part B independently (5 weeks each), or join both for the full 10 week term. You may join Part B without taking Part A:

Chekhov on Chekhov”  – The Playwright and the Actor: Anton Chekhov and his Nephew Michael Chekhov

“All true artists, bear within themselves a deeply rooted and often unconscious desire for transformation.” ~ Michael Chekhov

This class explores Transformation, creating a Chekhovian character utilizing Michael Chekhov’s “psycho-physical” exercises and approach to acting, as outlined in his book, TO THE ACTOR.

Character Monologues from the major plays and short stories of Anton Chekhov will be our texts, adding classical period pieces to your arsenal of audition selections.

Cross-training and warm-ups in a variety of Movement methods will be incorporated, including Loyd Williamson’s Physical Process of Acting, Eight RASA-Emotions, Overlie Six-Viewpoints. These psycho-physical techniques and exercises offer a wide variety of effective physical acting tools which can inspire endless exploration and possibilities for enlarging the actor’s expressive body, physical ease and freedom, inspiring transformation and the actor’s organic connection to their inner life, creative artistic expression and generosity of ensemble collaboration.

We will explore Chekhov’s tools for creating both the overall ensemble and scenic atmospheres of the play, including: The character’s personal atmospheres, character centers, imaginary body and archetypes, leading to transformation and discovery of the character’s Archetypal and Psychological gestures.

To set the Chekhovian characters in the era of the play, we will incorporate Williamson Technique Character Historical Period Style to explore Period Character, Movement and Dance, including deportment, silhouette, manners, protocol, period costumes and props. We will also explore and incorporate Williamson’s and Hagen’s physical processes of creating character Conditions, states, age and/or impediments.

You may join Part B without taking Part A:

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