Program options for International Students

International students have different options for participating in classes at HB Studio. While many choose to design their own program from the variety of classes taught at the Studio, others prefer the intensive, full-time training programs that the Uta Hagen Institute has to offer. All programs at HB Studio require international students to obtain an F-1 visa to participate. Our International Student Advisors assist students with this process.

Study Acting in the United States
International Studio Class Program

The Studio offers an International Studio Class Program that can be shaped to achieve the individual’s goals. The full-time program requires students to attend a minimum of seven Studio classes per week, consisting of a mix of required and elective classes.

Mandatory classes include:

Upon assessment, students who are not native English speakers may also be advised to take Acting in English in order to ensure adequate language support. They may also be required to supplement their Studio program with outside English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.

Students may begin studying at the Studio in the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer terms. The International Studio Class Program allows students to study for a maximum of two  years and minimum of one term (10 weeks). Please see F-1 Visas & Program Policies for more information and a breakdown of tuition and fees.

After completing two years in the International Studio Class Program, students may choose to participate in Optional Practical Training (OPT), where students may receive up to 12 months of authorization to pursue employment directly related to their field of study.

The International Studio Class Program requires an application and audition for admission. For more information, contact our International Student Advisor Snezhana Chernova at or 212-675-2370 extension 28.

Hagen Core Training

The Uta Hagen Institute at HB Studio offers full-time immersion in the practical approach to acting craft that characterized Uta Hagen’s legendary master classes and classic acting texts. Its Hagen Core Training is an intensive one-year training program taught by world-class faculty/practitioners. This program offers an integrated progressive curriculum of essential classes: Acting Technique, Scene Study, Script Analysis, Movement, Alexander Technique, Voice and Speech.

The Hagen Core Training is a three-term program (Fall, Winter, Spring) that requires an application, audition and interview for admission. For more information, visit Hagen Core Training or contact Uta Hagen Institute Administrator Jim Boerlin at or 212-675-2370 extension 38.  

Hagen Summer Intensive

The Hagen Summer Intensive is a rigorous, six-week workshop with the Uta Hagen Institute that probes the practical applications of Uta Hagen’s technique as discussed in her book A CHALLENGE FOR THE ACTOR. Through acting technique, scene study, script analysis, and technical exercises, “The Six Steps” will become an integral part of the actor’s craft. When you have strong technique and more confidence in how to find yourself in the role, acting will be joyful. Classes include: Acting Technique, Scene Study, Alexander Technique, Movement and Voice.

The Hagen Summer Intensive program requires an application and online audition for admission. For more information, visit Hagen Summer Intensive or contact Uta Hagen Institute Administrator Jim Boerlin at or 212-675-2370 extension 38.  

Options for Short-Term Students

International students wishing to study at HB Studio for a shorter amount of time under an F-1 visa may apply for a minimum of one term (10 weeks). Students would be required to attend a minimum of seven Studio classes per week, consisting of a mix of required and elective classes. Please see the course breakdown under the International Studio Class Program above.

We also welcome international visitors spending a shorter amount of time in the U.S. to audit classes at HB Studio. Auditing provides a great introduction to the wide variety of classes that the Studio has to offer. It can also help prospective international students to decide if they want to apply for a full-time program in the future. One audit is allowed per class and there is a $20.00 fee. You must come in person to the Studio office on the day of the class you wish to audit and arrive at least 30 minutes before class begins.

Please contact International Student Advisors Snezhana Chernova at or 212-675-2370 extension 28 with any questions you may have about the programs available for international students at HB Studio.