Acting with the Camera 3

ONLINE CLASSES are offered in 5-week Parts, 1 session per week. Sign up for either Part A or Part B independently (5 weeks each), or join both for the full 10-week term. You may join Part B without taking Part A.

Presented by: Lisa Pelikan – 

Held online via Zoom:

Lisa Pelikan teaches two Acting with the Camera 3 classes: an “essentials” class for new students and an “ongoing” class for continuing students. You must take at least one 5-week part of the “essentials” class before joining the “ongoing” class:

  • Saturdays – “Essentials” Camera 3: The Film Actor’s Pre-Language Class:
    This class is a prerequisite for Ms. Pelikan’s ongoing Camera 3: Skill Integration for Film class. In this class we will focus on your preparation for filming. You will learn the skills you need to have prepared before you step onto the soundstage of a feature film. Everything you need to know prior to the director calling, “Action!” These are the same tools you need to master before an audition or self-tape. You will practice exercises that will allow you to experience finding the ease to move forward into the profession and the Art of film acting. After your first five weeks, Ms. Pelikan and you will determine, together, your next steps; including whether you are prepared to enter her ongoing Skill Integration for Film class. Required: After registering, new students must schedule a Zoom meeting with Lisa Pelikan prior to your first day of class. Please email her ( as soon as you are ready to begin!
  • Sundays – “Ongoing” Camera 3: Skill Integration for Film: This is an ongoing class for the working actor with some filming experience who is seeking to stretch, renew and risk. This is the class for actors who are ready to step onto the soundstage and begin filming. Everything you need after the director calls, “Action!” We will practice the art of bringing-it-all-together. Relationships to your other characters in the screenplay, along with relationships to the film crew and above-the-line personnel, will become more intentional. How does the quiet of the set become your friend? How do we become Present on film? Let’s integrate your imagination, voice, body, and acting techniques to allow your most truthful work to be seen by the intimate eye of the camera lens. Let’s find freedom, joy, and presence, in the technical world of film. We will incorporate self-filming as an integral component of this course. Actors will experience creating work through the practice of filming themselves, in class and at home. Scene work in class will be able to occur gradually as you understand your relationship with your screenplay, character, location, other characters, breath, body, voice, space, presence, the-moment-before, and the camera. Required: You must complete at least 5 weeks of the Saturday “Essentials” class before taking this “ongoing” class

Lisa Pelikan brings her years of film, television, internet, and theatrical acting experience together with certifications in Fitzmaurice Voicework® and Laban Movement Analysis to hold this course for fellow actors seeking deeper truth in their work, replenishment as artists, and full integration of themselves as artists. Let’s practice being in the moment with all your skills. Let’s bring your imagination, breath, body, voice, spacial-awareness, and acting techniques, together in performance for the camera, the director, the camera operator, your fellow actors, and the outside world. In this ongoing class we will become familiar with knowing both sides of the camera. We will create a safe space, learn from our failures, and support each other in taking risks and growing as artists. We will demand respect for the work and each other.

You will receive video files of your on-camera footage at no extra charge, included within the cost of the class.

Expected rehearsal time outside of class: 3+ hours/week. Please be aware that the demands of time for this class will depend on your own commitment to growth as a film artist. Ms. Pelikan will be as committed as you are willing to be.

Online Teaching Statement from Instructor Lisa Pelikan: “Holding our class online during this time provides us with a beautiful opportunity to find a deeper experience of how, and what, the camera sees.”

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Sign up for either Part A or Part B independently (5 weeks each), or join both for the full 10-week term. You may join Part B without taking Part A:

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