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HB Studio, est. 1945, is a globally recognized training studio with the privilege of working with artists from all over the world. HB Insight Series episodes feature artists from the HB community, engaging in the conversation centered on their journey. Within each of these stories is a love letter written for all artists.

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Exploring the artistic journey of Kate Fuglei, actress, writer, and author. We talked about growing up artistic, trauma, and retelling those human experiences to find healing and human experience, which lead Kate to write In The Blink Of An Eye.


Explore the artistic journey of Maria Cominis, actor, playwright, director, author, educator, mother. We talk about finding truth and how she came to write her new piece, Women of Zalongo, a story inspired by her ancestral history.


Explore the artistic journey of Deirdre MacNamara, playwright, actress, yoga instructor. We take a look back of how she got her start as an artist, from being offered the wrong kind of dance job, to the artists she’s worked with over the years—and to this day, and creating art through personal experiences.


Exploring the artistic journey of Kayhan Irani, artist and activist. We talk about how Kayhan got her start at HB, taking classes a very young age, sharing a special moment with founder Herbert Berghof, how she found her activist spirit in her art and life, and how it all lead to her to start her project: The Whole World Over: Refugee Art Making & Making Home in the West Village, bringing together immigrants artists to share their work with the community and how it’s grown.


Exploring the artistic journey of Matt Butler, musician and songwriter. We talk about transition of being a lone wolf artist to working a collaborative theatre setting, and his work performing and storytelling in correctional facilities.


Artist-in-Residency, Ashley Olive Teague and Playwright, Gwen Kingston, share with us the development of their residency project: DICK, excavating the iconic text of Moby Dick and telling stories from womxn, and non-binary folx perspective. Not to mention their work with Notch Theatre Company in helping communities through art.


Richard Hoehler discusses his company, ACTING OUT: a theatre that offers professional training, practice, and performance opportunities for the formerly incarcerated. Each participant in ACTING OUT experienced the transformative value of a theatre program while in prison and wish to continue their training upon release.

Co-Host: Richie Dang


It’s our first episode! Long time student and now-instructor, Francesca Ferrara is joined by co-host and HB Alumni, Yessi Hernandez as they talk to Movement & Core Instructor, Ben Mehl about how he got his start in acting, becoming a teaching artist, and his vision- all leading to his role in season 3 of Netflix’s You.

Co-Host: Yessi Hernandez


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