2021 Residencies

Announcing the 2021 HB Residency Recipients

The HB Artistic Council is pleased to announce its selection of the following six projects for a 2021 HB Rehearsal Space Residency. All public showings will take place virtually over Zoom.


It is the year 1966. Little George is a thirteen-year-old boy living in Indiantown, FL struggling with his sexual identity. He eventually receives electroshock therapy, but when his preacher father finds out that his son is a transvestite, Little George is forced to flee home for good. Fifteen years later, Little George has transformed into Bette, currently involved in a tormented relationship with a married man in New York City. When the relationship turns sour, Better must find solace in the life she left behind when she was known as Little George.

Public showing: June 22, 2021 | 7PM ET

PATERSON by Ash Marinaccio

PATERSON is a multimedia documentary theatre project about the heroin epidemic in New Jersey devised from verbatim interviews, testimonies, and stories from those affected including users, former users, family members, friends, activists, and doctors.

Public showing: June 23, 2021 | 7PM ET

SOUTH by Florencia Iriondo

Enchanting and unconventional, SOUTH is an original, one-woman musical with a South American folk-pop score that will make you feel nostalgic for the place or time you call home. A female-led story about finding one’s roots, SOUTH explores themes of belonging, family, and identity, inspired by the writer’s experiences as a Latina living in the U.S.

Public showing: June 24, 2021 | 7PM ET

DATE WITH THE DEVIL by Carmen Burbridge

DATE WITH THE DEVIL is the story of two women striving to make a life together, while the world closes in on them. Both sex workers, they go on the run after killing a pimp. In the ensuing action, the women attempt to rise above their circumstances instead of succumbing to outside factors trying to taint their love.

Public showing: June 25, 2021 | 7PM ET

FAMILY GAMES by Ellis Hoffmeister

Three wealthy successors to an enormous fortune, along with their significant others, attend the birthday party of their mega-wealthy evil father in an attempt to become sole successor to their family’s fortunes. They, however, get more than they bargained for when this birthday party devolves from questions of familial succession into bloody vengeance and murder – with one of the significant others becoming the most important pawn in this family’s deadly games.

Public showing: June 26, 2021 | 7PM ET

THE ANGEL MANUAL by Sarah Congress

Meet Mark iCloud: An angel on a mission from heaven to save one human being from committing suicide. However, 31 days and seventeen failed attempts later, Mark’s mission isn’t going very well: in fact HE is on the verge of an existential crisis. Can we still learn to have love and compassion for each other in the age of smartphones and streaming?

Public showing: June 27, 2021 | 7PM ET