2018 Residencies

Announcing the 2018 HB Residency Recipients.

The HB Artistic Council has selected the following six projects for a 2018 HB Rehearsal Space Residency. All public showings take place in HB Studio’s First Floor Studio, 120 Bank St, New York, NY.

Something Extraordinary Happens, by Vincent Parker

Recently separated Robert arrives at childhood friends’, Bill and Christine, suburban home looking for some answers. Instead of getting the answers he is looking for though, he discovers that his old friends are wrestling with a few questions of their own. An amusing and sincere look at the communication breakdown occurring between middle-aged couples.
Public showings: May 26, 2018 @5pm & 8pm 

This Play Was Not Written by a Woman, by Exploding Knot (Emilyn Kowaleski & Sarah Stites)

An investigation of female artists who adopted male identities in order to advance their careers. It focuses on the labyrinthine narratives of jazz pianist Billy Lee Tipton and author Laura Albert. This Play was Not Written by a Woman will examine how each of these artists transformed their career by adopting a male identity and how their work became obscured by the scandal of their “deceptive” lives. The piece will also scrutinize the ethics of adopting an alternative identity, especially when that identity has less privilege than the one the artist was born with.
Public showings: June 23 & 24 @8pm

2Y20M by Catherine Castellani

2Y20M is a full-length play about the Biosphere 2 project of the late 90s: eight crew members, hermetically sealed dome, two years twenty minutes. The largest closed-system experiment ever attempted, it was a magnet for press, controversy, skepticism, and hope. While long regarded as a joke, the science on CO2 and coral bleaching that came out of the project are slowly gaining relevance to climate scientists. This is one story of the experience.
Public showings: July 21 & 22 @8pm | RSVP

HAK with Buket Gulbeyaz, by Berkay Atez

A play by a Turkish writer based on a Syrian refugee actress’ real story of war and the brutality of human beings. It tells of a woman’s experience of a bomb attack in a square in Damascus, and blends with her memories from different ages and her relationships in the present. Seconds become minutes, hours, days, years of a woman’s life, and the square becomes a pot for all who have lived and died in these attacks. It extends reality, touches faith and religion, it suspends our belief in humanity, but finds its way back to a kind of hope or idea for a better future.
Public showings: August 25 & 26 @8pm | RSVP

You Can’t Play Barbies When Someone Has Stolen Their Heads by Perry Guzzi

As young Julie reveals in her new doll house story: Once upon a time, a monster came to town and ate all the men except for Julie’s Uncle Sandy who is locked away in a dark little cave. Today, the monster is back for the women — Julie, Mommy, Grammy, and a stranger named Lisa who has suddenly appeared at their door.
Public showings: October 6 & 7 @8pm

Solid Ground Project by Mass Transit Theater, dir. Lynn Fischer

A powerful devised theater piece for young people and general audiences using drama, comedy, poetry and dance to render compelling stories based on life experiences exploring the trauma, and triumphs of young people of color as they come of age in today’s highly charged climate of racial inequity in Urban America.
Public showings: November 17 & 18 @8pm

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This program is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and many generous supporters.