Chernova- The Method of Etudes with Uta Hagen Exercises

Presented by: Snezhana Chernova

The Method of Etudes with Uta Hagen Exercises – A two-workshop series:
Discovering Anton Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL (Sept 16- Oct 14)
Discovering Ivan Turgenev’s A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY (Oct 21 – Nov 18)

Sundays, 12-3pm | $270 for five weeks or both workshop parts for $525 (ten weeks); to purchase both parts, please call the registration office at (212)-675-2370 x1 

“This series of two workshops is dedicated to the memory of the legendary Uta Hagen in the year of her Centennial. She continues to be an inspiration to me today.

“I came from another country, from another culture, and was welcomed to study in her class at HB Studio, where I could learn more about theater and about life. I was able to use the technique that I gained at St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts and when working on the professional stage in Russia, and develop new skills under her guidance.” – From the instructor, Snezhana Chernova

Konstantin Stanislavsky’s Method of Etudes helps actors to reveal the psychology of a character and the emotional life in a monologue or scene. In these workshops, you learn a contemporary approach to the Stanislavsky system, designed to improve your ability to be in the moment on stage using your impulses, images and words. This method will help you build depth of character in an organic way, exploring psychological, physical and verbal actions in given circumstances. You will improve the effectiveness of your interactions with partners and break through the problems that block you in performance.

The extremely practical exercises found in Uta Hagen’s world-famous books, Respect for Acting and A Challenge for the Actor, probe the depths and heights of human behavior. They offer the actor a structure for lifelong practice exploring the dynamic interaction between sensory/emotional experience and the creative imagination.

These workshops incorporate The Method of Etudes with Uta Hagen’s technique while you explore a play over the course of five weeks:

Workshop Part 1) Discovering Anton Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL
Sept 16-Oct 14

“Uta Hagen played Nina in THE SEAGULL on Broadway when she was only 18 years old. Throughout her career, she continued working on many more of Anton Chekhov’s plays. In this workshop, I incorporate Uta Hagen’s acting exercises and Konstantin Stanislavsky’s Method of Etudes, as we explore A. Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL.” – Snezhana Chernova

Over the course of this five-week workshop you will explore The Method of Etudes and Uta Hagen’s exercises, applying them as you work on two monologues from THE SEAGULL: one given by the instructor and one of your own choice.

Must be familiar with Anton Chekhov’s play THE SEAGULL.

Workshop Part 2) Discovering Ivan Turgenev’s A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY
Oct 21-Nov 18

“Uta Hagen was very fond of Russian Literature and Culture. She appeared on a TV version of Ivan Turgenev’s A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY. In this workshop, we will discover this play together, and see what we can find anew that resembles life today in this play that was written in 19th century.” – Snezhana Chernova

Using the structured improvisation style that was developed by Konstantin Stanislavsky—The  Method of Etudes—and incorporating Uta Hagen’s acting exercises, over the course of five weeks you will work on dialogues and scenes of Ivan Turgenev’s play, A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY. You will use your own images, feelings, words and personal experiences, communicating and exchanging ideas truthfully and artistically. Through this process, you come to interact with partners more effectively, trusting and connecting, learning to be co-creators, finding an individual understanding, and revealing a unique awareness and appreciation of the playwright’s work.

Must be familiar with Ivan Turgenev’s play A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY.