Terry: Audition Prep for Performing Arts High Schools

Presented by: Claudia Terry.

This workshop focuses on preparing you to audition for performing arts high schools and middle schools, such as La Guardia High School, Frank Sinatra High School, and Professional Performing Arts School, among others. We will focus on the preparation of two contrasting monologues, the common requirement for these auditions. We will take you through the process of crafting dynamic monologue performances, with a focus on characterization, finding the beats, using the space effectively, and making strong, specific, meaningful connections to the language and circumstances of the play. The workshop will leave you prepared to show up to the audition room confident and ready.

Please come on the first day with two monologues selected. (Those applying to PPAS only can come with just one monologue.) Monologues must be selected from plays, not monologue books nor TV nor film.

*Audits for this workshop will be allowed on the first day (Oct 7)