The New Actors Workshop

Presented by Mercedes Ruehl

To be held in-person (review in-person requirements): 

This acting technique class is for the actor in the foothills of the craft, looking up the mountain! Perhaps you majored in acting as an undergraduate, perhaps you were in a graduate program in theater at a university, perhaps you have studied in one of the acting schools in the US or abroad. Maybe none of these, but you have done a respectable amount of work before audiences, no matter how grassroots the venues. Yet the whole issue of technique continues to be elusive, maddening.

There are three requirements for this class:

  1. That acting, for you, is a calling no one can talk you out of;
  2. That you are willing to dive deep into the craft; or, as poet Robert Penn Warren once said, “to strive godward though blind;”
  3. That you provide a video of yourself trying to do exactly that. In the very active striving, the goal is often met.

An application is required to be accepted into this class. With your application, please submit a video sample, as mentioned above. Samples must be no longer than 5 minutes and should include a scene or two monologues. (Please use written material by someone other than yourself; from a theater or film script, a book, a poem or any other form of prose that, for you, packs a wallop.)