Stefanie Proessl

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Stefanie Proessl, M.A., LMT, has a long-standing interest in understanding and enhancing how body and mind work together. In 1984, she was introduced to the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method and has since studied in these and related fields in England, Germany, Israel and the US. She is an accredited practitioner with the American Society of Alexander Teachers as well as with the American Feldenkrais Guild and also licensed as a massage therapist practicing Western and Eastern modalities. In recent years she has been studying Focusing, a method to access and integrate implicit bodily knowing, and is qualified as a Focusing Guide with the Focusing Institute New York. Her approach offers an integrated synthesis of these traditions, adapting techniques and approaches to the needs of each person. Stefanie has extensive experience working with both groups and individuals and has been using online platforms for several years.

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