Burnt Piano

An HB Ensemble Production

Playwright: Justin Fleming

Director: William Carden

Cast: Karen Idlewild, Pete Idlewild, Jonah Idlewild, Sam Beckett, Laila Robins, Grege Mullavey, Dennis Michael Hall, Fritz Weaver, Anna Minot.

 Set: Ray Recht Costume Design: Amela Baksic Lighting: Chris Dallos Sound: Robert Auld Casting: Stephanie Klapper CSA* Production Stage Manager: David Apichell Assistant Director: Catherine Siracusa Dramaturg: Maxine Kern Pianist: Steven Lubin Technical Director: Carlo Adinolfi Master Electrician: Joshua C. Allen

Burnt Piano was performed March 3rd – 18th, 2001

Synopsis: Karen Idlewild goes on a trip to Paris with her father, Peter and her son, Jonah to see an author named Sam Beckett, whom she loves. She struggles to get a hold of Beckett as he believes all of his fans are dangerous, so he won’t respond to her letters. Beckett’s wife and other people in his life are also an obstacle keeping Karen from seeing Beckett.

Burnt Piano - HB Studio