Man’s Estate

An Ensemble Production

Playwright: Romulus Linney

Director: Herbert Berghoff

Cast: Edward Yastion, Jess Osuna, Emma Rossi, Marlene Mancini, Michael Corder, Tom McCready, Jr., Robin Noland, Sudie Bond, Shirley Bodtke, Kenneth Bridges and Patrick McVey

Designer: Philip Lerman Costume Designer: Whitney Blausen Lighting Designer: Patrika Brown Stage Manager: Marlene Mancini Production Manager: Richard Frey Lighting Technician: Howard Goldstein Assistants to Phil Lerman: Michael Corder, Jose Fernandez, William Freedman, Richard Frey, Joe Harty, Andre Sedriks and Zigmund Zampel Assistants to Whitney Blausen: Babette New, Carolyn Rice, Margaret Ritchie and Lesley Secombe Assistants to Patrika Brown: Geri Davis and Howard Goldstein Production Assistants: Barry Arnold, Rosemary DeAngelis, Erin Fleming and Sue Gregory Hospitality: Mary Ann Rosca, Jo-Anne Astro, Joanne Bayes, Ellen Burchard, Polly Dancyger, Michelle Petnov, Magaret Ritchie, Rea Turet and Marilyn Wright House Managers: Richard Cerasani and James Guido Posters: Hector Elias Programs: Carol Badger and Nancy Petocchi

Man’s Estate was performed February 7th – 10th of the year 1968.