The Young Girl and the Monsoon

An HB Studio Staged Reading

Playwright: James Ryan



The Young Girl and the Monsoon was performed during the 1994-1995 season

Synopsis: Growing up is hard to do particularly if you are a pre-adolescent girl in Manhattan living with a photo-journalist father reeling from a messy divorce. Constance is a thirteen-year-old torn by life and stretched between parents, struggling through those daunting rites of passage which none of us finds easy. Things aren’t all smooth-sailing for her father, Hank, thirty-nine, who is attempting to provide an anchor for Constance, while also working to get his own life into some kind of order, especially regarding his recent serious relationship with a younger woman, Erin, twenty-six. If Constance has only Hank for guidance, then Hank only has Giovanna, thirty-eight, a tempestuous colleague and genuine friend, with whom Hank has an off and on (chiefly off) affair. This romantic comedy turns on Hank’s efforts to find enough room in his life for both Constance and Erin, and achieve the balance and maturity that have, so far, eluded him.”