Playwright: Frederic Morton

Director: Herbert Berghof

Cast: Anne Jackson, Eli Wallach, Shirley Bodtke, Alice Playten, Jean-Pierre Stewart, Al Freeman, Jr., Leigh Burch, March Slivka, Syndey Sloane, Rudy Bond, Lucille Patton, Michael Kell, Margaret Raphael and Thomas Boutilier

Lighting Designer: Jennifer Tipton  Sound Designer: Thomas Boutilier Special Art Work: Kathe Berl Assistant to the Director: Marlene Mancini  Production Assistant: Justine Herman, Michael Kell, Gary Swartz, Brandwell Teuscher and Peter Von Berg Lighting Technician: Walter Mantani Graphic Artist/Photographer: Ann Raychel Playwrights Foundation: Ann Roby

Trip was performed December 18th – 20th of the year 1970.