Aileen Lawlor

2002 – 2003

I came to Hb fresh out of high school and hungry for serious acting training. The lessons I gleaned my teachers Lorraine Serabian, Mary Anthony, Rasa Allen Kazlas & Ian Marshall have ended up shaping the path of my life in ways I never could have anticipated. Lorraine imparted the importance of experiencing all I could out of life and not being afraid or judging the moments that were difficult, but to embrace them, observe myself and use it to stay connected & focus each aspect that is within me. My time with Mary Anthony was interesting; I feared her because she was harsh, honest, passionate. She didn’t hold back anything to be nice. She challenged everyone in the class, especially me, in the way that I held my body and took care of my most precious vessel for acting. I credit her with planting the seeds that grew a newfound interest I took in the health and awe of my body. I am now a dancer, I think because of her. As a result of her and Lorraine’s wisdom about traveling to observe and throw oneself into Life, & learning how to respect and play the body like a beautiful instrument, I have found myself on a journey as a teacher & performer of Flow and Fire dancing. My improv and acting training has given me a unique edge as a performer, and I even incorporate exercises out of Challenge for the Actor into my classes, to bring more meaning and connection to students’ relationship to the objects with which they dance. Hb started it all for me!