Alexander Technique

HB Studio offers both online classes and in-person classes at the Studio. Before your first class, please review the information outlined on the relevant page(s). Class titles below indicate which are running online vs. in person.

  • IN-PERSON CLASSES meet for the full 10-week term.
  • ONLINE CLASSES are offered in 5-week Parts. Sign up for either Part A or Part B independently (5 weeks each), or join both for the full 10-week term. You may join Part B without taking Part A.

The Alexander Technique is a gentle method through which you gradually learn to free yourself from unconscious physical habits that limit your ease, versatility, and freedom. This course will inquire into and enhance your “body map” – your conception of your body, as a whole and in specific areas. As you learn to release the downward pressure of your head to your spine, become clearer about your joints and how they work, and understand the unity of your body/mind and how it functions as a whole, you will gain access to an ever-increasing sensory awareness. Bringing conscious thought and awareness to daily life will allow you to change the habitual behavior that creates unneeded tension. Posture and self-use become conscious and volitional, not habitual and rigid. This translates to a greater possibility of fully embodying characters whose physical life is different from your own while maintaining healthy use of your body. Natural free use of the breath is addressed as a result of freeing the whole self, supporting your voice work. 

When choosing a class, please refer to instructors’ teaching statements and bios, found on the faculty page, for greater detail about their approach to meeting the course goals. Every instructor brings their own methods and experience and teaching styles vary. You are encouraged to read about and audit the classes of each instructor to find the right fit for you:

Martha Bernard | Stefanie Proessl

Required: Bring your own Yoga Mat
Recommended readingBODY LEARNING by Michael Gelb

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