Announcing the 2017 HB Residency Recipients

The HB Artistic Council has selected the following six projects for the 2017 HB Residency Season:

Flight Over Wasteland
Lilya Lifanova & Hiroya Miura

(February/March) An experimental theater and film project by visual artist and director Liliya Lifanova in collaboration with composer Hiroya Miura. This duo comes together to create an adaptation of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, reimagined and retold in a series of evocative tableaux vivants, choreographed gestures, actions, sculptural objects, and sound.

El Deseo de Sofia
Ingrid Wheatley, Gilberto Gabriel, Ernesto De Villa Bejjani & Gabriela Montalvo

(April/May) A contemporary comedic drama without words, based on Russian clown technique. It is a provocative love story of two lonely people. Trapped in the monotony of their daily routine, Sofia and Mario have each created a fantasy world in which they inoculate themselves from the cutthroat and mundane existence in which they live.

Julia Mounsey & Peter Mills Weiss

(June/July) momgrab is monologuists Peter Mills Weiss and Julia Mounsey. Their project will be two-fold: 1.) [50/50] old school animation, an expanded monologue which questions the relationship between girlhood and sadism; 2.) A new narrative theater project, a text-based exploration of trauma and empathy.
One Two and Then Three
Eleanor Herman & Arthur French

(July/August) A new play by Eleanor Herman. The present time is 1975. Place: Hawaii. The story of an inter-racial marriage between an African American male and a white female, together 25 years when an important time in his past gives validity to an innocent yet deliberate lie that becomes a powerful destructive influence in their present lives.

Looking for Louise (working title)
Julie McKee

(September/October) A new play by Julie McKee. New Zealand 1941. Pearl Harbor has just been bombed and NZ is in peril of being invaded. Louise and Mae, botanist and field sketch artist, are thrust into an urgent search of the entire NZ coastline for agar, a substance derived from seaweed used in biomedical research, Japan being the world supplier. A voyage of self discovery ensues of identity, roots, Maori ancestors, family, ambition, grief, loss and what it’s like to be female in the male world of science.

Middle Eastern Devised Piece
Melody Erfani, Sasha Hawkins, Sean Michael Welch and Nick Neagle

(October/November) A devised theater piece based on director Melody Erfani’s paternal grandmother from Iran. From interviews with relatives, other women in Iran, and Middle Eastern immigrants currently living in the USA, Erfani and her team will devise a piece exploring the story of one young Iranian woman’s struggle to protect her children and give them more. The story line will go backwards and forwards in time, showing glimpses of the woman’s past and the current circumstances of today.

About the HB Residency:

The HB Residency program provides rehearsal and workshop performance space in HB’s First Floor Studio for the development of six creative projects each year. The residency’s focus is on rehearsal and development, rather than production. It is an opportunity for practicing theater artists to collaborate on experimental projects, to be shared among peers and colleagues, for constructive critical feedback and mutual growth. The HB Artistic Council selects projects through a competitive application process, open to the NYC theater community at large. The Artistic Council is most pleased to announce this selection of six projects for the 2017 HB Residency Season.