Auditions: The Jack & Julie Project

A collaborative staged reading of selected new 10 minute plays from the students of Julie McKee directed by the students of Jack Hofsiss, with set design by Nikolay Sviridchik.
Show date is June 2nd

For consideration, please sendheadshot/resume to play’s director:

DINNER FOR TWO, by Peter Klein. Directed By Kenneth Thompson
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Carol: (50) Attractive and attentive, likes to stay at home. Feels that her husband has grown distant and maybe is having an affair.
Henry: (50) Carol’s husband, a dental surgeon. Feels that life has passed him by. Tries to be polite but is irritable and prone to headaches.

THE GREATER GOOD, by Jane L. Watson. Directed By Jennifer Bond
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Aimee: (20’s) A young, attractive college girl in trouble after a brief affair with her professor.
Betty: (50’s-60’s) A jaded nun who attempts to create her own “miracle”.

HOME, by Zoe Lasden-Lyman. Directed By Craig Perkins
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Woman: (60’s) In the late stages of Alzheimers
Nurse: (20’s) Worker Bee.

INTO THE FORREST, by Mayumi Lane. Directed By Stephan Schmidt
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Hans: (M, 30’s) A woodcutter.
Heidi: (F, 19) Hans’ second wife, a stay at home mom.

CAFFEINE ADDICTS ANONYMOUS, by Claire Torn. Directed by Vero Barr
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Stephan: (25-30) Coffee shop barista. Serious, attentive, expressive.
Olivia: (25-30) Coffee shop customer. Coffee addict; Eccentric, loud, obnoxious, charming.

JUST DESSERT, by John Mahoney. Directed By Laurent Wilson
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Sofia: (mid/late 20’s) Italian American woman hailing from NJ. Attractive, feisty and determined to rise above her blue collar.
Marty: (late 40’s) Italian American man with a bad habit of dealing with the mob. A menacing guy from the streets with a great love of family and his daughter

COFFEE AND MURAKAMI, by Inna Tysyrlin. Directed By Alina Sokolova
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Mandy: (early 30’s) She is excited and enthusiastic at the start, but cautious and skeptical as the play continues
Ben/Rick: (early/mid 30’s) He is attractive in a subtle way, and is very attracted to Mandy