Pfeifer- Speaking Voice 1 (Part A)- Spring Term 2021 Copy

Online Teaching Statement from Ilse Pfeifer:  “Voice work is in part breath work and how you use your breath to speak. The upcoming class will explore presence work, developing mindful awareness, identifying your physical bodily sensations and how you use your breathing. You will be guided to explore the anatomy of breathing, learn tools for your self practice so you have a vocal warm up at the end of the term. You will, through exercises that explore the flexibility of your spine, develop greater postural alignment in support of your speaking voice in a healthy way.

“I would like to share with you, that due to the current circumstance of the coronavirus, I will be offering a circle of compassion where we learn to listen to one another’s experiences, like story tellers, and also that I have experience with online teaching.

“What you need is a space and a floor, a mat if you have one or a rug, a pillow to use and a book for alignment of your spine. A notebook should you like to make notes and your computer or phone to log into the Zoom network that HB Studio is providing for us.

“One last thought dear students, many of us may be experiencing a certain level of stress at this time. Please consider, that this class supports the nervous system and healthy breathing. This is a very good time to breathe, and to be in a creative supportive environment, so we are less socially and physically isolated. You will see we are able to connect with one another via this online forum.

“Lastly, should you have any questions regarding the class, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through HB Studio at “


  • Time:
    Every week on Monday
    March 15, 2021 – April 12, 2021
    – ET
  • Location: Online Via Zoom, , ,
  • Class Code: PFI6M-A