The Pat & Julie Project – March 2019

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A collaborative Staged Reading of selected first scenes and one acts from the students of Julie McKee, directed by the students of Pat Golden

Saturday & Sunday, March 9 &10, 2019 | 7:00 PM

HB Playwrights Theater
124 Bank Street, New York City

All I Ask Of You – Scene 1
Playwright: Mary Anne Hedderson
Director: Jane Flanagan
Angele: Marie Pohl Weigl
Sofia: Sanne Anthony

Austin – Scene 1
Playwright: Jane L. Watson
Director: Margarita Kazaryan
Celia: Rachel Murdy*
Louis: Terry Gibson*
Zoe: Alyssa McAnany*        

On A Leash – Scene 1
Playwright: Cathy Harding
Director: Jane Flanagan
Nylie: Donna Svennevik
Jerome: Charles Manning               

Recipe for Siblings Rivalry –
10-Minute Play
Playwright: Margaret O’Connor
Director: Pablo Andrade
Jenny: Mary Francina Golden*
Karen: Karen Christie-Ward*              

7 Shitty Hombres – Scenes 1 & 2
Playwright: Ellen DeLisle
Director: Kae Fujisawa
Randolph: Tim Rush*
Alexis: Zair Montes
Audrey: Sonia Mera
Tricia: Abby Melick

Starr Street – 10-Minute Play
Playwright: Jesse Regis
Director: Gabriel Gonzalez Acosta
Drag Queen: Demetrius Blocker
Brandhi: Paulo Cesar

The Good, The Bad And The Fabulous – Scenes 1 & 2
Playwright: Emmett McConnell
Director: Beth Salerno
Shane: Jasper Kransdorf
Mr. Coote: Daniel Popowich*
Georgina La Buff: Demetrius Blocker
Lance Sterling: Frank Moran*
Little Flaming Beaver: Kolbe Handal
The Church Lady: Wendy Kornreich
General Custer: Ciaran Walsh

The Neighbors – Scenes 1 & 2
Playwright: Caroline Grant
Director: Tony Macy-Perez
Hannah: Danielle Hudson
Mark: Jason Dietz*

Uncle Charlie – Scene 1
Playwright: Chris Jones
Director: Wing Shan Kam
Charlie: Sean Turner
Antoine: Justin Linville



  • Time:
    Every day
    March 9, 2019 – March 10, 2019
    7:00 pm – 9:30 pm ET
  • Location: HB Playwrights Theatre, 124 Bank Street, New York, NY 10014