Call for Playwright Submissions: Winter 2019 Staged Readings – The Pat & Julie Project

HB Playwrights from Julie McKee‘s Playwriting classes are invited to submit original work for the Pat & Julie Project, a weekend of staged readings on March 9 & 10 in the HB Playwrights Theatre.

Application Deadline: Dec 31
(NOTE: In addition to online submission, hard copies must be snail-mailed and received by this date)


Up to six (6) selected plays will be paired with directors from Pat Golden‘s Director’s New Play Lab for a joint Staged Reading Project. The staged readings will be presented to an invited audience. This is an opportunity to see your play beyond the sit down reading, and to work with a director. The process will directly address the art of collaboration. Dramatist Guild Guidelines and AEA Staged Reading Guidelines will be honored. PLEASE NOTE: A staged reading is not off book. Scripts will be in hand.


  • The first scene of a full length play
  • The second scene of a full length play that had its first scene in the Fall 2018 Pat & Julie project
  • A ten minute play


SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS (midnight) December 31, 2018.

Plays must be received by this time and date, no exceptions.


In addition to attaching a PDF of your submission to this form, you must deliver two hard copies. These must be RECEIVED (not postmarked) by Dec 31:

Snail mail/deliver* 2 HARD COPIES to:
P&J Script Submissions
C/O HB Studio
120 Bank Street
New York, NY 10014

*HB Studio will be closed Dec 22 – Jan 2, so hand delivery is not an option during that time; snail mail instead.


  • Only one submission per playwright.
  • Not previously produced.
  • Plays must have originated in one of Julie McKee’s playwriting classes.
  • Plays must be formatted in the industry standard format used in class.
  • Plays/scenes can run 10-12 minutes in the above format.
  • Include a cover page with name of play, your name, phone and email attached to your play. If you don’t we can’t contact you.
  • Include a character list page.
  • Plays must be stapled.
  • If submitting the Second Scene of a play from Fall 2018, please also include the First Scene.


Art of Collaboration: As this is a project designed to learn and celebrate the art of collaboration, you must be available to collaborate, which means you and the director will have to come to some arrangement about schedules, casting/ideas, all part of the collaboration.

Rewriting: Be ready to revise/rewrite if necessary as many times as it takes to get your play in the best shape possible. You may bring your play into class for this purpose. However, if the play does not progress to a satisfactory level according to Julie McKee, the play will not be performed.

Producing the evening is the responsibility of the directors (and playwrights will help out – more details to follow). However, should you need to rent rehearsal space, the director and playwright go 50/50 in expenses.


  • Performance : 7PM, Saturday and Sunday, March 9 & 10, 2019
    VENUE : HB Playwrights Theatre, 124 Bank Street
  • Tech: afternoons and evenings, March 7 & 8. Be ready to attend as this might be the last time you get to see your play and your input may be valuable.
  • Rehearsals : may begin as soon as you are cast and both director and playwright agree on casting choices.
  • Casting : You must also be available to attend the casting/audition sessions on Thursday, Jan 17 (10am-5:30pm) and Monday, Jan 21 (3pm-9pm)
  • Casting Breakdown/sides : Sides must be made available shortly after the Meet and Greet so casting can begin.
  • Meet and Greet : You must be available to meet your director on Monday Jan 14 @ 2:30pm-4pm in Pat’s Directing class – First floor Studio.

If you cannot make any of the Performances or Casting Sessions, YOU SHOULD NOT SUBMIT. You should also make every effort to attend the Meet and Greet for any remaining information, it’s where you will meet your director, talk about the play, and questions can be asked.


If your play is selected, you must be prepared to participate in the process, i.e. Meet and Greet, meetings with the director, casting ideas/session, and attending rehearsals (though not all of them) and performances. If you do not intend to participate fully, then please do not submit. There has in the past been disappointment on the part of the playwright that the casting was unsuccessful and/or the rehearsals did not produce the result they were hoping for in part because the playwright did not participate as fully as they could have.


One Playwright will need to step forward as a Point Person to work with Pat’s Directing Point Person to help disseminate information among the playwrights regarding tech rehearsals and anything else that might come up, and to enlist any assistance to help out in producing the evening. Also to assemble a contact sheet to include playwrights, directors and actors after the project is completed. This will be discussed at the Meet and Greet once plays have been selected.

A post mortem amongst the playwrights will be held after the performance to discuss your experience. Time and date TBC.

Any of the above information is subject to change.