CASTING CALL: 2Y20M (Two Years Twenty Minutes) by Catherine Castellani


In 1991 a crew of eight was sealed into Biosphere 2 to conduct the largest closed-system experiment ever devised or attempted. Two years and twenty minutes later they emerged: skinny, triumphant, controversial, celebrated, and maligned. This is one story of their before, during, and after and what it meant for conducting science on a grand scale.

Cast (5 women, 5 men, + stage directions)

  • JANE W, 27, British, sharp, humorous, the youngest crew member
  • ABIGAIL W, mid-30s, American, earnest, intense
  • LINDA W, 40s, American, conscientious, agreeable
  • SIERRA W, 50s, British, no-nonsense, sharp
  • MARGRET W, mid-30s, political, sharp, aggressive, off/on lover of John
  • TABER M, early 30s, man, American, easy-going, confident
  • LASER M, 40s, Belgian, emotional, volatile
  • MARK M, 50s, American, business-like, taciturn
  • ROY M, early 70s, American, affable, unflappable, an MD, the oldest crew member
  • JOHNNY M, 60s, American, the patriarch & founder of the Synergists
  • Stage Directions, any willing reader–aspiring directors welcome

2Y20M is a the recipient of an HB Rehearsal Space Residency, which starts on May 30 and runs through two public readings on July 21 and 22.

You do not need to be available throughout the residency to participate! It’s a large cast and the plan is to cycle through lots of actors in the first month, so come try it out.

If you are interested, please send your picture/bio to Catherine Castellani at cmcastellani @ Thank you!