Casting Call for Multiple Roles in Dramatic Play

Written by Ray Aranha, Directed by Arthur W. French, Produced by Malinda Logan

Auditions Saturday, September 8th 2-5pm |  Midtown.

Performances January 2 – 8, 2019.

124 Bank Street Theatre

Public and industry-only performances. Paid stipend.


My Sister, My Sister is a dramatic play set in the 1950’s and told through the mind of a poor black southern girl, Sue Belle. She lives with an over-pious but loving mother, an alcoholic but well-meaning father, and a promiscuous but ignored older sister. Sue Belle must learn to cope in that environment even after they have left her.

Cast (8 men & women)

EVELINA (African-American, 15-21 years*): Sue Belle’s sister. Evelina is a loud mouth, flirtatious female who is “too grown for her age.” She misses the love she used to get from her family and blames Sue Belle. She will do anything to get what she wants because she deserves it.

CLAUDINE (African-American, Mid 40’s*): Sue Belle’s mother. Mama used to live a life of a party girl. Now she is a devout Christian and doesn’t understand life outside of the church. She believes everything can be answered in prayer. She is always stressed from work and taking care of family and the matters of the church.

EDDIE (African-American, 20-25 years*): Sue Belle’s boyfriend. Eddie was an arrogant playboy who turned into a hard-working man to prove his love for Sue Belle. He is willing to fight for his love, but not for too long.

EARL (African-American, Mid 40’s*): Sue Belle’s father. Daddy is a strong, prideful man who enjoys drinking his sorrows away. He often reminisces about the party life he shared with Mama but is content being a good father to his kids, and believes he is a good husband.

JESUS (Caucasian, and doubles as another character 20-30 years*): Non-speaking roles. Must resemble the typical look of white Jesus.
SPECTRE “GHOSTS”*: Played by three different male or female actors. Should be able to harmonize. The spectres are symbolic personifications reinforcing the images Sue Belle projects to the audience.

*All actors must be over 18 years old. Actors to play age ranges listed.

Please email headshot and resume to along with character interest(s), and preferred audition time. You will receive a confirmation time and location information.