An HB Rehearsal Space Residency Project
by Vincent Parker

Rehearsals: April through May 25th.
Performance Dates: May 26th and 27th 8PM at HB Studio.
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Recently separated Robert arrives at childhood friends’, Bill and Christine, suburban home looking for some answers. Instead of getting the answers he is looking for though, he discovers that his old friends are wrestling with a few questions of their own.


  • Bill is a blue-collar man in his late forties to early fifties. He is married to Christine. He is tattooed with old-fashioned tattoos: an American eagle on one arm and a cross on the other. He is proud to have done everything for his family.
  • Christine is a mom and a housewife. She is an attractive woman in her late forties to early fifties. After raising two children, she has still kept her shape. She is looking to hold onto her adult children while trying to find a new purpose.
  • Elizabeth is Bill and Christine’s daughter. She is in her mid-twenties. She still lives at home. She thrives at remaining the apple of her father’s eye.
  • Robert is also in his late forties to early fifties. He is masculine and educated, but carries himself in an unpretentious way.

If interested, please email headshot and resume to