Casting Call: HB Residency Project seeks Actor

The Greenhouse Ensemble is searching for an African American actor to play a character in their upcoming production, A Painted Window by Christy Hall, an HB Studio Residency project happening July 30-August 21, 2016.

This is a brand new three character play, Starring Johanna Leister. Please email to schedule an appointment. For more information on Greenhouse, check out

A Painted Window catalogues the reunion of two siblings, Josephine and Sylvia, two sisters that used to giggle together late at night, yet now stand worlds apart. It’s a dissection of identity, classism, racism, and the grotesque havoc that consumerism, capitalism, and entitlement has wreaked on the American dream. It is a play about family, loss, regret, and the inability to change. It is a play about the staggering paralysis and power of fear. But ultimately, at its center, this is a play about love.

CHARLES, 70s – Standard American accent. An Ohio man having relocated to New York City, Charles lives in the apartment just across the way, the helpful, resourceful super of the apartment building. Kind, patient, and affable, Charles is a true gentleman, exuding an irresistible, old-fashioned charm. Charles has a strong sense of self, a quiet, yet sincere belief in God, and a generosity that is almost baffling. Yet, his apparent eagerness to share his life with someone special might well prove an indication of a loneliness that Charles carries with him deep inside, even when he’s smiling. Having lived his own life of hard knocks, Charles displays a great deal of empathy toward Josephine, empathy that quickly turns to feelings of affection. A genuinely decent and caring man, Charles would truly be the perfect match for Josephine, especially during her current season of extreme difficulty. Unfortunately, there is one aspect of Charles that Josephine cannot seem to accept… Charles is black.