Casting Call: Seeking Actors for The Pat & Julie Project – Winter 2019

HB’s Director’s New Play Lab, taught by director Pat Golden, and Playwriting 2 & Playwriting Studio Practice classes, taught by playwright Julie McKee, seek actors for scenes from new plays to be performed as Staged Readings at HB Playwrights Theater.

Performances: Sat, March 9 and Sun, March 10, 2019 @ HB Playwrights Theatre @ 7PM
Tech: March 6 & 7; Dress: March 8 & 9

Rehearsals: Directors will schedule regular rehearsals at the actor’s convenience including Class Presentations on select Mondays between 2:30P-5:30P.

Auditions: Please submit your headshot and resume to ASAP for an audition appointment on Thursday January 17 or Monday, January 21, 2019. Feel free to submit yourself for several roles.

Actors Wanted to Play:

Men 20-35
Shane—20-35: Any ethnicity; sexy, innocent, boyish cowboy with dreams; plays guitar

Men 35-45
Lance Sterling—30-40: Any ethnicity; stern, rigid, militaristic, by-the-book New Sheriff in town

Randolph—35-45: Any ethnicity; Tall, well-built, neat and meticulous about his look; Neurotic about the health of his skin

Mark—35-45: Any ethnicity; Athletic build; Successful banker, determined to be supportive and strong for his wife

Men 45-60
Louis—50s: Any ethnicity; Divorced Director of Photography, he moved from Williamsburg to Austin Texas where purchased a house

Mr. Coote—50-60: Any ethnicity; Town drunk who has a sense of humor

Specific Men
Antoine—18: African American; Young, bright, agreeable, loyal kid with a good heart

Charlie—50-60: African American; High strung, opinionated, nosey, stubborn, possibly crazy

Calvary Office aka General Custer—mid-30s: Caucasian; Good-looking, straight forward military man

Specific LGBTQ
Brandhi—16: African American; Lonely, Drag Queen-in-training who’s driven to succeed; Homeless, shoe-less teenager from originally Atlanta

Drag Queen—40s: African American; A tough, demanding and driven mentor to Brandhi; Queen of House of Drag that she runs and is committed to her community

Georgina La Buff—30-50: Any Ethnicity; Drag Queen; Flirtatious, brash, sassy, flamboyant cabaret owner

Women 20s
Zoe — late 20s: Any ethnicity; Adult fiction novelist, originally from Michigan, she lives with her attorney boyfriend while she anchors herself in NYC. Has a sense of humor

Audrey— late 20’s: Bossy, self-interested and protective of her sister; To be the same ethnicity as sister, Alexis

Women 30-35
Tricia—30s: Any ethnicity; Practical and unsatisfied with her life; Former bartender

Alexis — early 30s: Any ethnicity; Scattered, insecure and emotionally needy, she is clingy, preoccupied and given to hysteria

Women 35-40
Hannah—30-40: Any ethnicity; Stay at home suburban housewife who wants to start a new life while grief-stricken, anxious, and guilty

Karen— late 30s: Pagan/atheist/spiritualist; Single, direct, happy with her modest life; To be the same ethnicity as sister, Jenny

Women 40-55
Celia— late 40s: Social butterfly, writer and self-help author who’s married with a kid

Jenny— 40-45: Devout Christian; married; unhappy and competitive

Specific Women

Sofia—16-18: Strong-willed, demanding, driven; Americanized-Italian teenager

Little Flaming Beaver—20 year old white girl who disguises herself as an Lakota Indian warrior

Angele — 30-35: Working class Italian woman who immigrated to New Jersey from Naples, Italy with her 7 children, now pregnant with her 8th child. Tough as nails and desperate to protect her children

Church Lady — Any age; Caucasian, uptight, judgmental, priggish religious zealot