Teen Audition Intensive

This class will return in Fall 2018.

(Ages 14 – 17)

This intensive 8-week Summer course will prepare high school teens applying to BFA college theater programs to approach the entrance audition process with confidence and succeed on their own terms.  

Audition – to demonstrate talent or ability (according to Webster).
Talent is what we are born with. The ability we acquire.

In the Teen Audition Intensive, through thoughtful coaching and practice, practice, practice, we aim to give you the confidence to be yourself, to share your talent and demonstrate your skills. We work to put you into a stimulating creative environment, where your imagination can take you to places you discover through improvisation, script analysis, scene work, and monologues. We help you to find the right material. We reveal and support your potential to be excellent – the rest is up to you!

The course has three components:
Acting (Trudy Steibl):
Be ready to act! You will select and work on a portfolio of audition monologues. The office will have a list of material that has been suggested by some of the leading programs to start you off. We’ll work on finding material that reveals what’s unique in you, then help you find strong connections and meaningful, original choices.

Movement (Melana Lloyd):
Be ready to move! Emotion creates motion: Learn to connect the physical to the imagination through a deep understanding of breath/alignment/style and form, incorporating improvisation; choreography; poetry; voice. Find freedom of expression in movement with the express purpose to prepare for the college entrance audition.

Singing (Martha Bernard):
Be ready to sing! You don’t have to think you’re a singer to learn to become comfortable expressing yourself through song. If you are already a singer, we’ll work to enhance your abilities and sense of ease. In this class we will first focus on basics: connecting your breath to your voice, vocal exercises to free and strengthen your instrument and open up your range while freeing your body. Then we will play in an improvisatory way singing conversations, texts, and songs. You’ll get comfortable singing a cappella, so you can respond in the moment to any challenge!