Aaron: Advanced Acting with the Camera

Presented by: Caroline Aaron

Single-camera and four-camera half-hour comedies, one-hour dramatic television, and film all take place in front of the camera. This class will be an intro to all these genres and more.

In this class you will learn the terminology for on-camera acting, practice the precise and subtle techniques for film and television performance, and analyze characters and scene structure to create believable characters within specific dramatic or comedic contexts.

How do you work as an actor to get ready to perform for the camera? In what way is that different than preparing for a live audience? How do you express the intent of the line and the event of the scene in an efficient, cogent manner, and find the necessary place within yourself to bring to life what is on the page? This course will focus on that thread. While acting in front of the camera, we will explore how to act without losing being in the moment.