Acting on Camera for Teens

All About Me: centering yourself in every story you tell

Presented by Portia

This workshop will be held online over Zoom

The actor builds on what they know for a fact and then lets the character fill in all the blanks. By deconstructing and reconstructing text we’ll activate the character’s perspective and create a grounded inner life and backstory. Through facilitated music-inspired exploration, you will physically locate the character’s truth. Working in this way we develop strong defensible character choices that live honestly in our bodies, making us worthy leads in every story we tell.

Before the first day of class: Please email with a monologue or scene that is age/casting appropriate that you want to craft during this session. These are due 1 week prior to the first scheduled class.

For this workshop, students will need the ability to access Google drive, and to create and share music playlists.