Alexander Technique Intensive for Actors

Presented by Martha Bernard

To be held online via Zoom: 

Open to new and continuing students, this six-session/two-week online workshop focuses on bringing the principles of the Alexander Technique, a system of body awareness, to the creative process. Each class will explore the principles of the Alexander work: developing self-awareness through easeful attention; understanding and working with the force of habit; and using intention to gain greater agency over your use of yourself — to begin to release muscle tension and unwanted habits. You will get acquainted with the head/spine/pelvic structures through movement explorations and floor work. You will discover how you can bring more freedom to ordinary daily life activities and learn to recognize how your habits affect everything you do. We will bring the Alexander processes to text, spoken or in song, and find creative expression through the combination of voice and movement.

Please create a space for floor work and wear clothes that make it easy and comfortable to move freely. It’s also helpful if you can find a place to put your computer/tablet/phone camera so your whole body can be seen when standing, and another place to position your device so you can be seen on the floor. If space is an issue, it’s most important that your head/neck/upper body can be seen when you are on the floor.

Martha Bernard holds certifications from the Matthews School for The Alexander Technique and The Institute for The Alexander Technique. She is a member of AmSAT, a Reflexologist (ARCB certified), and a Reiki Master. As a singer, she has performed with Opera Orchestra of New York, Teatro Lirico Spirimentale di Spoleto (Italy), the National Grand Opera, New Jersey State Opera, the Juilliard Choral Singers, and more.. Ms. Bernard trained in Auditory Integration specializing in pitch problems, based on the work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis…read more