Building a Character with Uta Hagen Exercises

Presented by Paul Pryce & Julissa Roman

This 5-week workshop will help the working actor establish and hone a set of tools for building a character when working on a play or scene. Using Uta Hagen’s acting exercises to guide your exploration, you will develop solid tools to:

  • build a grounded character
  • improve your skills for working on a character outside of the rehearsal room
  • identify actions, objectives and obstacles in order to find a real need to speak
  • fine-tune your senses for taking in and working off of your fellow actor

You start by working individually on Uta Hagen’s exercises within the context of an assigned character and scene. You then move into guided paired improvisations using Hagen’s exercises, also within the context of the assigned scene. Scenes are then rehearsed outside of class and presented in class for feedback and reworking. Further exercises may be diagnostically assigned to support your rehearsal process.

For the first day of class: Once enrolled, you will be paired with a partner and scenes will be assigned. You must read the entire play of the scene you are assigned before the first day of class.

Required reading: A CHALLENGE FOR THE ACTOR by Uta Hagen.
Available for purchase online via our registration system or in-person at the registration office.

Required Rehearsal time: You must meet for rehearsal outside of class at least once (preferably twice) before presenting work in class.