Character Analysis: Yat Malmgren/Laban method as influenced by Uta Hagen (Giles Foreman)

Presented by Giles Foreman

Exploring G.B. Shaw’s ST. JOAN
An Uta Hagen Centennial Master Class

Master Teacher Giles Foreman visits from London to teach an exclusive two-day introductory workshop on the Yat Malmgren/Laban method of Character Analysis, leading to detailed and psychologically accurate transformations. Devised for actors, directors and others wishing to learn and explore in-depth the technique and system of psychological typology which fuses Laban and Stanislavsky Technique.

We will specifically explore the Character Object Exercise, inspired by Uta Hagen, who was a great friend of Yat, and who spent time in London learning his work and helping him and his co founder Christopher Fettes create the legendary Drama Centre London, where Giles himself trained. The Drama Centre London brought, to great success, Hagen’s work to Britain under the tutelage of her protégée Doreen Cannon.

This workshop will be applied to the characters in G.B. Shaw’s ST. JOAN, which Hagen famously portrayed. It will look at their inner motivations and how that leads to their outer expressive lives and specific characteristics that can be investigated.

Yat Malmgren was the Visionary Founder of Drama Center London. His Students include: Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Fassbender, Paul Bettany, Tom Hardy, Anne Marie Duff, Geraldine James, Frances de la Tour, Tara Fitzgerald, Helen McRory among many others.