Create Your Home Studio: Tech Basics for Actors & Directors

Presented by Director/Casting Director Pat Golden

To be held online over Zoom: 

Learn the basics of setting up your own virtual home studio for creating polished self-tapes, virtual auditions, rehearsals, or presentations. With so much work being created, shot and shared from our own homes in the Covid-era, this workshop will teach you how to refine your home studio regardless of the size of your space.

Learn how to put yourself forward in the best light through direct, practical experience using:

  • Effective, inexpensive Lighting
  • Complementary Backgrounds
  • Strategic Camera Placement
  • Microphone Placement for Clear Audio

An assessment of your setup will be offered to you, followed by recommendations.

This tech workshop is open to all, and all are encouraged to participate: Actors, Directors and anyone interested in creating and optimizing your own home studio.