Financial Empowerment for Artists: Assets for Income

All classes and workshops at HB Studio will be held online via Zoom Conferencing until we are able to resume at the Studio. 

Presented by David Maurice Sharp

Dancer/choreographer/finance whiz David Maurice Sharp continues his series of financial seminars for performing artists with this advanced, special focus one-day workshop on investment assets for income.

Living hand to mouth is not uncommon for artists, especially in an environment like what we are currently facing. What’s more, the skyrocketing costs of residing in a major city coupled with an actor’s fluctuating paycheck can make the concept of saving and investing money feel like a luxury or an impossible dream. Understanding financial assets that can provide additional income for you during low earning periods, such as dividend stocks and municipal bonds, and learning how to keep them re-investing and building when you don’t need the cash so urgently can help improve income stability. This class will dive into assets that can produce an income stream and ways to begin investing in them.

Having a basic knowledge of investing and the components of a balanced portfolio are recommended.

Recommended reading: The Thriving Artist by David Maurice Sharp
*Available for purchase online via our registration system or in-person at the registration office.