Financial Empowerment for Artists: Buying Individual Stocks (David M. Sharp)

Presented by David Maurice Sharp

Dancer/choreographer/finance whiz David Maurice Sharp continues his series of financial seminars for performing artists with this advanced, special focus one-day workshop on buying individual stocks.

Adding individual stocks to your well-balanced portfolio can increase diversification and add some excitement to your investment strategy. Choosing individual shares yourself—rather than investing in a mutual fund or ETF where they have been chosen by a portfolio manager for you—can be daunting. This course will introduce ideas for finding individual stocks to invest in and to help demystify the criteria that can help you make your investing decisions. It will also cover finding a broker to work with, placing orders and some buying and selling strategies.

Having a basic knowledge of investing and the components of a balanced portfolio are recommended.

Recommended reading: The Thriving Artist by David Maurice Sharp
*Available for purchase online via our registration system or in-person at the registration office.