Fundamentals of Dance for Actors

Presented by: Sara Koviak

To be held in person: 

A “Fundamentals of Dance” class for Actors, focused on non-dancers and beginner dancers but open to people of all levels of experience and ability. Every actor will be called upon to dance at some point in their career, for anything from an audition, to a scene in a drama, to a full dance number in a musical. This workshop will give you the fundamentals you need to begin to tackle these challenges.

This workshop will incorporate jazz, modern dance, and ballet. The overall goal is to teach a basic variety of terminology, proper technique in all styles, correct stretching/conditioning methods for safety and longevity, some choreography to connect steps together, and more. All of these styles use much of the same terminology, so you will see a direct connection and crossover between the dance genres, thus solidifying the terms and concepts within both the mind and the muscle memory of the body.


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