Movement for Actors

Presented by Ben Mehl

Through games and physical play, participants will work on following impulses, listening, befriending failure, stepping out into the unknown and assuming their own brilliance. We will play games as a group that demand a high level of focus and listening, we will also work in smaller groups and in partners, acting and reacting and honing in on a moment to moment sense of play. We will also explore how true desire and need can force us to get out of our own heads and place the focus on our scene partner.

For students interested in taking the workshop over the winter term: recommended for pairing with Stage Combat (Winter Part A)Purchase both together for $15 off!

“I think we all come to acting out of a deep sense of personal joy, and that our best, most authentic and surprising work comes when we tap into that joy as the fuel for what we do and truly allow ourselves to play.”
– Ben Mehl, instructor