Musical Theater & Self-Myth Making

Presented by Stew –

Held in person (review requirements for in-person activity)

Black-American Blues, the primary influence on all popular music that followed it, was a Theater of Auto-Biographical Fiction, where the truth of a performer’s life became the myth-making fodder for singing deeper truths.

Musical Theater and Self-Myth Making, is an intensive “song-scene” building workshop which invites you to re-imagine musical theater making as a brave dive into the messy realm of hyper-personal, self- referential, TMI-cabaret, while framed within the discipline of “autobiographical fiction.”

By examining the creative path of Stew’s own autobiographically fictional musical-theater works and albums, you will learn methods designed to unlock your inner-performer/playwright, locate the songs within, and allow that which we shall call “theater” (or myth) to emerge.

Whether via the poetic panorama of spotty memory, the documentary facts of one’s upbringing, or the schtick of having to lie a bit to tell the truth, this course believes that, through the careful balance of emotional & aesthetic truths, we can sing a myth more true than the truth.