Parker- The On Camera Journey

Presented by: Corey Parker

Whether it’s an audition you get the night before, or you are stepping on set to shoot a scene on a TV show, On Camera acting insists that the actor accomplish many things in a short period of time. The On Camera Journey is about making choices with material, choices that serve the text and that allow the actor to utilize his or her authenticity. Our authenticity as artists and human beings is our greatest asset, one that requires an artist’s measure of self care. In this workshop, you will work with material and learn to utilize the tools that Corey Parker has distilled from his many years as an actor in Film and TV and as a teacher of award-winning clients. You are encouraged to bring a journal. Corey Parker creates a safe space for the actor and encourages your truth, voice and heart to be at the core of this work.

After you register for this workshop:
1. Email your headshot & resume to by Feb 3rd. Please put “Headshot/resume for The On Camera Journey” in the subject line.
2. For the first day of class, prepare a 60-75 second monologue in which you are speaking to another character (and not to the audience).
Once he has gathered headshots and resumes, Corey will be reaching out to you with additional assigned material to prepare before the start of class.