Pastore- The Actor and the Business

Presented by: Vincent Pastore

You’ve worked hard to develop your acting technique—now what do you need to know in order to take on the business? Your job is to hone the materials you use to present yourself—your photos and resume—then build a network of real relationships. When you make a new contact, when you audition or interview for a role, you may have just a few brief moments to show who you are and what you can do. You must have effective monologues prepared, be ready and able to improvise, be able to take a script apart and make it your own. You must be fully prepared to make an impression when your opportunity comes, however it comes. It’s up to you to convince the people at the table that you will solve their casting problem. Once you have the role, you must be able to bring the character on the page to life, walking and talking. No matter what the circumstances, you need to be able to claim your place in the room and to make the role your own.

Award-winning actor Vincent Pastore has starred on Broadway in Chicago and BULLETS OVER BROADWAY and is co-founder of the Renegade Theater Group. His screen and television credits include THE SOPRANOS, Guy Ritchie’s REVOLVER, and HURRICANE with Denzel Washington. Bringing guest speakers from the industry, Mr. Pastore will work with actors in this 4-week workshop to develop habits of preparation that will help you bring your acting skills to the demands of the business. You will learn to be organized and ready, to make strong and truthful choices, discovering the confidence and authority to stake your unique claim.